Clare Hudman

Stained glass and lead using acid etching, kiln-fired painting and silver staining.

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Some of the results of workshops with children from three Gloucestershire schools - photos of windows at Coberley and Sheepscombe:

Tractor and Sunflower

Girl with butterfly


Tree, leaves and fruit (detail)

The seasons

Other Work

The Angel and Violet are based on drawings by my daughter Finlay.

Angel on ice - The angel's tiptoe on the ice is a very tentative meeting with the earth. Violet dancing in the Heavens - Finlay's drawing was called Violet dancing in the pub. The Heavens is a popular local beauty spot and my grandmother was called Violet.
Common over and Waves for a boy - I enjoy both running over the common and playing with words - here I'm doing both. I'm waving at him too. Babes in the wood - In fairytales a lot of children are lost in the woods. Here they are young adults and the woods are romantic.
Cartoon - I designed this when I lived in the city and frequently used the bus. The words are taken from the newspapers of the day.
Kiwi - A study in naturalistic glass painting. I'd just come back from New Zealand. Remember Kiwi shoe polish? Queen and King - There are colour slides of an Australian opal mine and an Australian cactus incorporated into these two pieces.

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