Clare Hudman
Public art
Mosaics, Stained glass

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Bird Mosaic (outdoors)

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Some years ago I completed several stained glass mosaics, featuring engraving and kiln-fired painting. The three dimensional nature of these pieces is hard to capture with a photo, but you can see the birds panel to the left (which was designed for outdoor installation in a private garden in Stroud and is weatherproof). Also below is a series of stained glass mosaics designed and installed for the Coast Resource Centre at Diamond Batch in Weston Super Mare. In a health service setting, these pieces not only make a big difference to an institutional environment but also act as waymarkers and navigational aids. They are fitted "invisibly" to the walls.

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Spiral Shell - Coast

Spiral Shell

      Detail of spiral shell


Pebbles - Coast


      Footprints - Coast


In 2006, I worked on a project to create two pieces commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council for Kempsford School in Gloucestershire. They form part of an exciting new building where they are installed within triple glazed units. Here are photos of the finished pieces, both designed through workshops with children from the school and incorporating many local landmarks and features.

angel window

The Kempsford Angel

swan window

The Kempsford Swan

In 2004/5 I worked with Bristol consultants Willis Newson on the Leading the Way project to create two pieces for the Dermatology department at the new Gloucester Royal Hospital. They have now both been installed, one in a lightbox in an interior children's treatment room and the other as a window. Here are photos of the finished pieces, both designed through workshops with local schoolchildren.

Chameleons window


Sixteen chameleons from pupils of Linden Primary School

Chameleons produced by Linden Primary School pupils
during workshops

boat for lightbox in Dermatology

"Boating" for lightbox in children's treatment area

In 2003 I ran workshops with children from three Gloucestershire schools using their work to create eight different windows for their schools - permanent reminders of their time at the school and their contribution to the fabric of the building.

One of eight pieces designed after a series of workshops with Gloucestershire schools

The seasons at Sheepscombe School

apples .... Daisy

Apples at Sheepscombe School ..... Daisy at Sheepscombe School

leaves in landscape
a private commission


I designed this when I lived in Bristol
and frequently used the bus.
The words are taken from
the UK newspapers of the day.

Swedish Footsteps

A private commission,
working with the client
to incorporate specified
personal elements.

These three photos are part of an integrated front door panel stretching across several windows, inspired by Derek Jarman's garden. It is really difficult to photograph in situ because of the location, but these details give you an idea, though not a view of the whole thing:

The two pieces below were both private commissions, working with the client on the design. The marimba player was inspired by a photograph. The photographer discovered a marimba in a remote African village - the missionaries had banned local music many years before and the marimba's owner had no beaters and no longer knew how to play the instrument

The Lost Skill of the Marimba player

The Lost Skill of the Marimba player

Water and Pebbles

Water and Pebbles

... and finally, some pieces inspired by the form and beauty of nature - leaves, oranges and lemons and that fine bird - the chicken.

Four leaves

Four leaves



oranges and lemons

Oranges and Lemons

Three leaves

Three leaves

© All images are copyright Clare Hudman and must not be reproduced, copied or used in any way without her written permission

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